Our Both product PIPE-KOTE Coal Tar Tape & Coaltar Impregnated Fiber Glass are recommended for use on various types of pipelines :

  • Cross country Water lines.
  • National water lines.
  • Cross country Oil lines [both static & anti-static.
  • National Oil lines [both static & anti-static.
  • Cross country Gas lines [LPG, CNG] [both static & anti-static.
  • National Gas lines [LPG, CNG] [both static & anti-static.
  • Sewage lines.
  • Fire Hydrant lines.
  • Inter City underground Electric supply tube.
  • Underground & on ground Fiber Optic Cable Tunnel.
  • Cross country Sea Channel [Data Cable, Fiber Optic cables.



A tourch with wider mouth is recommended.


  1. Surface must be free from dust, dirt, grease oil and other foreign material by scrapping or wire brushing to a SSPC-SP-1 standard
  2. If moisture is present, it should be removed before primer application by use of torch.


  1. PIPE-KOTE Primer-B is compatible with PIPE-KOTE Tape. The drum is shaken thoroughly to get a homogenous solution. Primer is applied by brush or spray after proper surface preparation.
  2. Precaution should be taken to avoid the contacts of any foreign material with the primed surface prior to application of PIPE-KOTE.


  1. PIPE-KOTE is applied after proper surface preparation and priming. When the primed surface gets tacky but not dry, by heating the coating side without polyester film until a smooth and glossy finish is obtained. Heating to be done by a wide-mouthed torch. Heating is to be done very carefully so that the film remains in a semi liquid state during application. Excessive heating is to be avoided. The heated tape is then applied with proper tension with an overlap of 10-12 mm.
  2. PSpiral wrapping as well as circumferential wrapping is possible with our tape.
  3. For weld joints the taping shall start and stop at least 4 inches onto the factory wrap.


To be stored in cardboard boxes in a cool dry covered area. Direct contact with sunlight to be avoided. Proper care must be taken while handling the material during stacking, loading and unloading.


Available in widths of 200 mm, 250 mm, 330 mm, 500 mm and 1000 mm in length of 10 mtrs and in thickness of 2,3 and 4 mm. Material is packed in a proper manner to avoid damage to the Tape-Rolls.


Other technical data and advice are available on request.


The use of gloves and goggles and fiber type mask is recommended when applying PIPE-KOTE