To increase the life of metalized items, we offer painting services. Our service includes airless spray painting and epoxy brush painting.

Epoxy Brush Painting

We provide Epoxy brush painting services which are widely preferred in petrochemical refinery and fertilizer industries. The system is helpful for different coatings such as maintenance, structural and floor. Due to the speedy curing at room temperature and excellent toughness & abrasion resistance, resistance to heat, oil, alcohols acid & salty weather, the system provides painting in aircraft finishes, transport finishes and chemical industries.
Some of the important properties of system are as follows:

  • Fast drying at room temperature
  • It can withstand to the temperature around 100 D.C.
  • Weather resistance: Excellent colour & gloss retention
  • Alcohol resistance: Unaffected by splash and spillage
  • Salts: Unaffected
  • Floor Coating Work In Progress Floor Coating after Completion
  • Water resistance: Excellent water & salty water resistance, (not recommended for immersion)
  • Oil & grease: Unaffected

Airless Spray Painting

We are a trustable organization, engaged in offering Airless Spray painting services to various industries. In spray painting, airless paint sprayers are used which is specially designed to paint large surface within short span. The tip size of the spray helps us in knowing the type of coating. The speed of coverage surface is determined by tip and motor size.
Benefits of painting systems are as follows:

  • Cover large surfaces fast
  • Faster than brush or roller
  • Ideal for home owners and semi-professionals
  • No need for air compressor
  • Use with 1 or 5 gallon bucket
  • Great for home exteriors, barns and fences
  • Easy to use and clean Sprayers often compared to airless systems are:
  • Air operated guns which mix air and paint to create a fine mist. This results in a fine finish which is ideal for painting a car or a piece of furniture. (Conventional)
  • Airless cup guns are intended for very small painting jobs.

Application techniques:

For professional painted finish, we recommend following techniques:

  • Hold the gun perpendicular to the target surface; that is, square to the surface.
  • Always keep the gun at an equal distance to the surface.
  • Move the gun either across or up and down the surface at a steady rate.
  • Move the gun at a consistent speed to conserve material and provide even coverage.
  • The correct spraying speed allows a full wet coat of paint to be applied without runs or sags.
  • The gun should be moved in a confident and flowing fashion without hesitation.
  • If you lack experience, practice moving the gun over the surface before you actually begin to paint
  • Spray alternately from right to left and left to right
  • Begin movement of the gun (about six inches) before you press the trigger.
  • Release trigger before movement of the gun ceases. This prevents sharp cut-off in the spray pattern. spray overlapping diagram
  • Holding the gun closer to the surface deposits more paint on the surface and produces a norrower spray pattern.
  • Holding the gun farther from the surface produces a thinner coat and a wider spray pattern.
  • If runs, sags or excessive paint occur change to a spray tip with a smaller orifice.

Underground Pipe Coating

Hot flame tape (coating) or cold tape is using in underground piping for protection from Corrosion. These pipes have various usage such as it can be used in tube wells, can be used for underground & on ground pipelines.