JJ Modi Hiring Contractors offer a complete execution of shot creting, metallinzing, guniting refractory lining work in government projects of water pipe lines, overhead tanks, Vessels etc. The Company Also Specialisis in Sand- Cement Guniting, Refractory Guniting, Sand-Grit-Copper Slag Blasting.

It is as well as in the field of execution of shot creting, guniting work in government projects execution of contract jobs such as irrigation canals, spillways, dam sites, water pipe lines, overhead tanks, reservoirs etc, also in public & private sector industries: refractory lining, guniting, ceramic fiber blanket lining, thermal insulation works, acid proof lining, as well as heavy industries. Refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizer plants, electricity board thermal plants, cement plants etc. We are having a team of experienced engineers, technical supervisors staff experienced technical staff etc


Specialized in all type of Civil works. Sand Blasting , Guniting and Refactory Lining works, Sand pad foundation for storage tanks, Industrial and Residential painting & Building Contractors.
  • Government projects
  • Refinery Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Plants Shut Down Jobs

Powder Spraying

AC-HVAF/SAF powder spraying equipment is used for the application of coatings from carbide, pure metal and metal alloy powders for the protection of parts, machines, vessels and structures from abrasive wear, erosion and chemical corrosion.

The service life of parts can be extended by several fold, and in some cases by as much as 10 times, by applying appropriate AC-HVAF/SAF protective coatings. As an example, consider downhole pipes used in the oil drilling industry, which at times experience severe corrosion. In an effort to improve the typical service life (of about 3 weeks) a number of solutions were explored. Conventional HVOF coatings yielded only a moderate improvement, as comparatively high posority and poor bond strength led to eventual peeling of the coatings. However, the same material applied with the Ultra Coat powder spraying system produced a stress-resistant coating with much higher bond strength and nearly zero porosity, increasing the service life of the pipes from about 3 weeks to well over a year. That is a dramatic difference that resulted in substantial cost savings, and is one of many examples from different industries where use of appropriate coatings has made a real difference.

Spray Galvanizing Services

We offer spray galvanizing services for hot dip galvanized products. This ensures the maximum galvanization of the components. We offer Spray Galvanizing Services using different types of machines. Our Galvanizing services involve the application of a protective zinc coating on metals such as steel or iron. The zinc layer forms a barrier that protects the underlying steel by providing sacrificial or galvanic corrosion protection on the steel surface. If the surface is scratched and the underlying steel exposed, the zinc layer functions like a galvanic cell with the steel. Since the zinc has a more negative or active electrochemical potential compared to the steel, the zinc act like a sacrificial anode in a cathodic protection system. Galvanizing services are typically used to protect ferrous materials, such as iron or steel, from rust or other types of corrosion.

Thermal Spray Coating of Zinc

Atomized particles of molten Zinc are projected on to a Grit or Sand blasted steel surface from a special flame or arc pistol fed with Zinc wire. The process is often applied to structural components too large to be dipped in a galvanizing bath, and to structures which are likely to distort during hot dip galvanizing. Zinc coatings for iron and steel provide excellent corrosion resistance in most atmospheres, and in contact with many natural and synthetic substances. Zinc coatings are widely used to protect finished products ranging from structural steelwork for Chemical, Fertilizer, Refinery, Cement, Power plant, buildings, bridges, Pipe lines, etc.

The electrochemical relationship between zinc and steel enables zinc coatings also to protect steel at cut edges and at breaks in the coating by a sacrificial action.



  • * All steel structures
  • * Transformer Tanks
  • * Radiators
  • * Dairy coils
  • * Communications towers
  • * Steel Tanks
  • * Wind Mill Towers
  • * Electric Poles
  • * Gates
  • * Windows
  • * Building Structures
  • * Gutters in chemical - related industries



  • * Proven long term protection
  • * Cold process
  • * No size limitations
  • * Ideal surface for painting
  • * Site jobs possible
  • * No hydrogen embrittlement
  • * Preferred even under alkaline condition


IS : 5905   IS : 6586

BS : 5493


Zinc Metallizing

Zinc Metallizing is a thermal spray application of a zinc and aluminum coating applied to steel. The gas flame bonding of the zinc to the grit blasted steel is needed to remove any rust or mill scale and prepare the steel for proper adhesion of the zinc. This process protects the steel from corrosion for decades longer than paint alone. This process has been used around the world for 90 years. Steel of every shape and size may be metallized either before or after installation.