Guniting or shotcreting is the process of conveying desire mixer of dry cement, sand and / or aggregate under air pressure at high velocity with just sufficient quantity of water for hydration.
We are a provide Guniting services to various industries. In guniting process, gunite is used which is mixture of cement and sand. It allows concrete to be placed drier than typical shotcrete. In this process, a dense homogenous protective layer is formed by projecting water at high velocity through nozzle on top of the slope. The gunite is a dry-mix process in which the dry cement mixture is blown through a hose to the nozzle.
Guniting describes the process of spraying concrete mixtures at high velocitites as against the conventional method of placement of concrete by pouring. Gunite is free-form concrete and has wide application. It is used to stabilise soil surfaces and for encasement, strengthening and repair of defective structures. It is often used in underground work as well as for structures which have large surface areas and irregular shapes.